Woo!! Woah! 10.000 views all-time on the website, YET! Pete Wentz, Alex Suarez, Gabe Saporta and Jordan Witzigreuter celebrated it. Well… Not really. Photoshop did. And, I also want to thank you. Could have done a video of me saying ‘yeah, 10k views! thank you all!’ but no. WHO CARES?! I’d rather give you something better (and also because I hate my voice on video). What can I do..? Yeah, old videos of your favorites bands, signed to Decaydance. When I say old, it’s really old. Video and audio is not always good. Have fun!

Fall Out Boy – Dead On Arrival

Gym Class Heroes – Taxi Driver

Hey Monday – Homecoming

Cobra Starship – CobraCam.TV (S01E04)

Cobra Starship – CobraCam.TV (S02E05)

Panic! At The Disco – Lying Is The Most Fun…

Travie McCoy – Billionaire


Thoughts about it?

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