A Day In The Life Of Travie McCoy

Travie McCoy recently answered Pop Dust questions about how is his life, how a day lasts. Read questions and answers below. He talks about sleep, phone, pot and sex..

  • Shagging – “3 hours, if I’m lucky”
  • Procrastinating – “12 hours. This and daydream are my best friends.”
  • Porn Watching – “A lot less than yesterday”
  • Gaming – “Less than an hour”
  • Daydream – “8 hours. My brain is always somewhere other than it should be.”
  • Exercising – “Depending on how long our set is, that’s my exercise”
  • Man Scaping – “Half-hour, in and out”
  • Praying – “10 minutes”
  • Sexting – “All day. Most of my texting has some kind of sexual connotation.”
  • Toking – “A lot less than last year… it makes me paranoid”
  • Sleeping – “3-4 hours. I can’t sleep when our bus is moving due to a horrible van accident.”
  • Texting – “All day. I’ve forgotten how to talk on my phone.”
  • Worrying – “10 hours. I’m constantly worried about something.”

Thoughts about it?

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