2008 Throwback

As announced yesterday on Twitter, I found back an old magazine from 2008. It’s a french one, which was called RockMag, and was actually pretty awesome. Found some Fall Out Boy, The Cab, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, and Simple Plan. Find below FOB, The Cab & P!ATD.

Two contracts for Fall Out Boy

Pete is getting married

On may 17, Pete Wentz married Ashlee Simpson in her parent’s house. In the 150 guests for the ceremony on the theme of Alice In Wonderland, was invited Joel Madden and Nicole Richie. Wedding would have been preponed because of “happy event”… If it’s a boy, Pete said “It will be Pete Junior, as me.”

Pending baby clothes, Clandestine Industries, Pete Wentz’s clothes brand, released a new collection of tees and hoodies.

Curious who want to learn more can order on Nordstrom.com a DVD for $5.95 (maybe not anymore), entitled Making Mischief. A documentary on Fall Out Boy’s bassist, showing him working on different designs, and it’s also the chance to see him at home, everyday life, and his dog, Hemingway. A bonus CD is given featuring tracks from Decaydance Records’ band, such as The Cab, Tyga and Cobra Starship.

Patrick products The Cab

We now know the intimate link between bands signed into Fueled By Ramen. The Cab just entered the label, and release their first CD Whisper War, produced by two legends. On MySpace.com/FallOutBoy, Pete says: “My friends of The Cab just released their first album, and I’d love if you’d take a listen. Matt Squire (Panic! At The Disco) produced it with Patrick Stump“. On first single video for One Of Those Nights, available on MySpace.com/TheCab, we can see Pete, Patrick (who sings) and Brendon Urie of P!ATD.

Panic! At The Disco

“An afternoon, we started playing on Beatles songs, when was born the chords of Nine In The Afternoon.”

Not only an awesome photo call, cabaret style, which goes awesome, Alternative Press gives us some surprising anecdotes regarding Panic! At The Disco. Ryan Ross learns us that before Pretty. Odd., Panic! worked on a concept album, which will maybe never get released. “The record was centered on my personal life, but we were all involved in its composition. We got confined in a house for two  and half months in a tiny studio, lost into Nevada’s mountains. We wanted something to be poles apart of ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’. Main theme was centered on sins. But, little by little, we realized that songs did not match with the concept, and we never finished the album. Then, an afternoon, we started playing on Beatles songs, when was born the chords of ‘Nine In The Afternoon’. It’s then we really decided to do something else. We stopped all the tracks composed, and I don’t think we’ll see them back again. Thinking about it, it was so much different of what we’ve done… But it doesn’t mean it was good!” We just have to wish that someone find those tracks….


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