Summer Plans by Cassadee Pope

Don’t know how to spend summer? If you can, Warped Tour, of course. Friends, beach, fun, music… Or, you can read Cassadee Pope’s plans, that she shares with Buzznet! Jump below to read!

What’s your favorite summertime food?

CP: My favorite summertime food is sweet corn on the cob! I put butter on them, then wrap them in aluminum foil on the grill.

Any summer vacations planned?

CP: I don’t have any specific plans for this summer other than hopping on Warped for a few days here and there! I already visited a few days ago, and it was hot as hell. But still really fun to see friends and catch up.

Do you prefer summer or winter?

CP: I think I love both summer and winter equally. I love being outside and grilling out, but I also love the holidays and Christmas decorations!

Would you rather play at the beach or lay by a pool?

CP: I would definitely rather play by the beach. Sometimes the pool can get too hot. The beach always has a nice breeze.

What’s your summer style?

CP: I’m always wearing jean shorts in summer time. I have this pair of Hot Topic shorts that I pretty much live in.

Are you working on any projects this summer?

CP: There are a few things in the works for me this summer. You will all know very soon!

What’s on your summer 2012 playlist?

CP: I’m listening to the radio mostly. I love listening to country radio while driving with the windows down. There’s something about the carefree lyrics and overall feel in country music that suits summer well.

Do you plan on seeing any new movies this summer?

CP: I still haven’t seen Snow White and The Huntsman! I’m a big KStew fan so I need to get on that. I also want to see The Amazing Spider-man.


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