‘The Voice’ Survival Guide


Our friends from Let’s Get Reckless, aka the biggest Hey Monday fanbase just posted something really good and useful for people who want to watch Cassadee on NBC’s show, The Voice, but never watched it, and wonder why we still can’t see Cassadee Pope. So, head up below and read it!

So, some people might not be to familiar with how The Voice works and we wanted to clear up any questions that people might have about the show!

[Please note the blind auditions are going to to continue until the teams are filled up. No one’s audition nights are set in stone. Cassadee will be on when she’s on, NBC does’t announce contestants before hand.]

The main point of The Voice unlike most reality competition singing shows is to showcase the vocal talent of the contestant and that’s exactly how they’re chosen. From the start the coaches: Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera, are in turned chairs facing the audience and away from the contestant.

There are three televised stages to the competition. The Blind Auditions, the Battle Rounds and the live shows.

The Blind Auditions are the first stage of the competition as well as the first stage of the competition that is televised. Those who are shown on the blind auditions are contestants who auditioned in the national public auditions and were invited to California to audition.

In the blind auditions, the contestants sing for the coaches and the live audience. The contestant sings to the judges back and if the coaches like the voice, they’ll turn around. If more than one coaches, turns around, the contestant gets to choose which coach they want. This is the first season where the coaches will be picking sixteen members for their teams.

After the teams are complete, we then move onto the battle rounds. The battle rounds are where coaches put two members of their team together on a duet and choose which one they want to go to the live shows between them. This season comes with a twist. A coach is able to steal a member from another team if that member loses their battle round. The teams will then get narrowed down to eight members per team then moving onto the live shows.

The live shows, as so named, are where the show is live and now. No longer pre-recorded and everything is in the audiences hands. While the coaches have some input, this is where your voting comes in. When the voting comes, you narrow it down from the top whatever is there until it gets down to one member on each team and the final vote decides ‘The Voice.’


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