Pete Wentz’s “Rainy Day Kids” Info

Pete Wentz’s book, entitled “Rainy Day Kids” has now a released date! The book will be available on January 8th (two days after my birthday, you know what to buy me. ;)). Read the description below. Are you excited?!

A fascinating and stunning novel from Pete Wentz, the founder and bassist of punk sensation Fall Out Boy—that reveals the dark side of rock-and-roll. Winner of multiple MTV Awards and on People magazine’s Most Beautiful list, Pete Wentz and his band Fall Out Boy have come a long way since their early days playing small venues outside of Chicago. But the rise to fame is not always smooth and glamorous, and Gray reveals the rocky road to stardom, including the extreme highs and lows along the way. Based heavily on Pete Wentz’s own tumultuous life, Gray is about a singer named Pete. Pete is touring with a band, struggling to understand who he is, where he’s been, and what he’s become. He vacillates between the highs of being recognized as an international sex symbol and the aching hopelessness he feels when he is alone. After the death of his longtime ex-girlfriend, Pete grieves deeply and soon embarks on a path of self-destruction, including an attempt to take his own life. With profound creativity and clarity, he discloses his darkest fears and reflects on his memorable moments, including his first kiss and his first fistfight. Pete Wentz’s own journey to success has not been without pain, and now readers will experience the same emotional intensity that have made several million fans of his lyrics.

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