Panic! At The Disco To Finish New Album

According to an interview made by Panic! At The Disco’s bassist–Dallon Weekes–, the band’s fourth album, following “Vices & Virtues” would be finished next month, in December. The album would feature 12 or 13 songs. Listen to the interview right below.

(sorry, I’m not sorry about the tags, just too excited)


23 thoughts on “Panic! At The Disco To Finish New Album”

  1. I am really excited for the album being finished this month! I cant wait!!! So when would you think the release date would be or even a release of a single could be???

    1. We are so excited too! This album is going to be huge! However, sadly we don’t have more info about it.
      But be sure to follow the news of Decaydance Fans on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or directly on your mailbox to know when you can have a listen of a song, or a release date!

      Have a nice day!

  2. I saw some comments on Panic!’s official website saying that the album might even be finished as late as June of 2013. Anxiously waiting. (:

    1. As you can have listened, Dallon said that the album would be finished in December 2012, two months ago. But we still haven’t anything, sadly. Also, no offense to the writer of the comment, but don’t believe everything fans says, we never know. Let’s wait official news! We’ll keep you updated!

      1. Brendon only said that the album would be FINISHED (so it wasn’t in December as Dallon said……..) this month (March), and that the album would be released later this year.
        I expect a single in April.. I hope actually!

      2. Thank you guys for the info, you guys are the best at replying. I am eagerly waiting for more from panic! and I will buy anything they put out

  3. well its april. still waiting for something. havent heard anything from instagram or facebook so im wondering whats happening with all this new album jazz. hopefully by this summer we’ll have something!

  4. and its July and still no news. hey decadence, since you guys are their label can you guys like at least make them give us fans some news about the album? We have been waiting patiently for a long time now.

    1. Hey. We want to hear the new album as much as you want. And we are NOT their label. We are just a website which shares the news of Decaydance Records bands. We sadly can’t announce anything before the band, sorry.

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