Alan Day Christmas Song

Alan Day of Four Year Strong released his Christmas song one hour late, but it’s out now! It’s entitled “Christmas Is Here To Stay“, you can stream the song below, download it for free OR give what you want for a charity, lyrics, and read a message from Alan. Enjoy!

This song is available for download for free, but if you decide to pay for it, I will be donating all of the money to a few charities I’ve supported over the years. Charities that help homeless animals, and charities that help save music programs in schools across the country. I hope you decide to help. Tis the season of giving, right? Merry Christmas :)


Christmas, it’s not just any old holiday 
Its not just jingle bells jingling all the way 
Its not just Santa and his sleigh 

Christmas, is so much more than silver bells 
More than candy canes and caramels 
So much more than just “Noel” 

Christmas is always with us 
Christmas will never leave us 
With Christmas in your heart every day 
Your troubles will be miles away 
All of your worries will be led astray 
Whether is white, or if its grey 
Christmas is here to stay


Released 13 December 2012
Written by: Alan Day
Recorded and Mixed by: Adam Rourke
String arrangement by: Clayton Matthews

Alan Day – Vocals & Guitar
Drums – Adam Rourke
Bass – Andrew Kramer
Ukelele – Sam Margolis
Glockenspiel – Noelle Leblanc
Clayton Matthews – Violin
Jeremy – Cello
Merrick – Viola




Thoughts about it?

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