RockSound #169 with Fall Out Boy and Four Year Strong Feature

In latest RockSound issue, number 169, the magazine talks about Christmas Songs, featuring Fall Out Boy, All Time Low or Blink-182. They also talk about bands who make a total crossover between an album and an EP, and speak about Four Year Strong. Read both excerpt of the issue right below.

– Collision Course: With Hacktivist blending two totally different musical styles on their new EP, what better time is there to look at some of the other best crossover acts around?

Four Year Strong

They might not be pioneers of the sound by any stretch, but Four Year Strong are the band that made pop-punk with breakdowns a huge deal, and started something on their own sub-genre while they were at it. For best results, check out ‘Rise Or Die Trying‘, and try telling us you’re not having the most fun in the world.

– Bands + Christmas + A spare half hour at band practice x lots of booze (probably) = CHRISTMAS SONGS

Fall Out Boy

Yule Shoot Your Eye Out‘ – Best Bit: it’s a Christmas love song, and Stumpy’s voice is at its finest. Seriously you guys, next year you’re coming back, right? That’s our Christmas wish…


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