Pete Wentz Interview About Reunion Rumors

Pete Wentz spoke with the Chicago Tribune newspaper about the Fall Out Boy reunion rumors from last week. Major line of this interview “Don’t hold your breath.” Read the interview below. Believers Never Die.

It took just one vague story from a website called to ignite rumors of a Fall Out Boy reunion Jan. 25 and get the Chicago-area band trending on Twitter. And it took just one tweet from Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman that same day to put those rumors to rest, for now.

“The rumors are still untrue, unreal & totally outta this world!” tweeted Trohman. “… Seriously, it’s not going down.”

Asked about the report Saturday at the two-year anniversary celebration of Angels & Kings in the Hard Rock Hotel, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, who co-owns the Loop bar, echoed Trohman’s sentiments. “I’d say … don’t hold your breath that it’s happening,” Wentz told me, clearly choosing his words carefully.

Still, he admitted the positive response to the story was flattering and unexpected.

“Of course it feels nice,” Wentz said. “Honestly, I didn’t expect it. It blows my mind when people actually care and give a (crap), which is good because it manages my expectations. When I do things that don’t get a reaction, I think ‘That’s OK, I didn’t think it would.'”

“People came out of the woodwork for a little bit,” Wentz said of the reaction of his friends and family to the reunion rumor. “But I feel like I’m so far removed. I’m no help. People asked ‘Is this happening?’ ‘I’m not the person that can help you out. All I know is it’s not.'”



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