[Full Article] Pete Wentz Interview – Kerrang! #1453


As we announced on Tuesday, Fall Out Boy are featured in the new UK best selling magazine, Kerrang!, for the first printed interview since the band announced their comeback. Head up below to read the interview.

Also, the band will be on the cover of Kerrang! next issue #1454, on sale February 20.


Make their sensational return!

We told you we’d reform them! Here, bassist Pete Wentz tells K! about the band’s craziest week ever… We were there every single step of the way.

Last week, the rock world was in the grip of fully fledged Fall Out Boy fever, with the announcement of the Chicago legends’ imminent return, ending a barren three-year period of inactivity.

On Monday February 4, after months of speculation, the secret was out – FOB were back. By Friday February 8, fans has a new single, My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (light Em Up), in their ears; an album, Save Rock And Roll due May 6; two UK dates, one at the tiny Camden Underworld on February 15 (which sold out in 9 seconds) and a Leeds and Reading slot… Oh, and, for lucky US fans, their first live taste of the band since 2009.

When the band declared “The future of Fall Out Boy starts now” at the beginning of the week, they really weren’t kidding. Just hours after revealing their return, the band were back onstage together at Chicago’s 400-capacity Subterranean venue. Outside, fans are offered over $100 for tickets; inside, as sweat dripped from the ceiling and people clambered over each other for a better view of the tiny stage, frontman Patrick Stump laughed “Today is kinda a big deal for us. I didn’t expect this–I didn’t think you guys would still be this psyched.” And all despite arriving 20 minutes late, battling technical difficulties throughout and even forgetting the words to I Don’t Care. We’re looking at you Patrick.

Two similar shows followed in New York (February 5) and Los Angeles (February 7)–minus Patrick’s lyrical faux pas, thankfully–but, with the world fighting for a piece of the band, Kerrang! Grabbed bassist Pete Wentz to find out how their whirlwind week went down…

So you’ve had a pretty quiet week, nothing to report, keeping a low profile as usual, eh?

Definitely the opposite of quiet! It’s like we’ve gone from zero to 65 [mph] in the blink of an eye.”

Has it been overwhelming?

It’s been a lot to take in. I feel like the last time we were on this ride, it was really hard to process stuff. I have a hard rile recalling a lot of the big shows we played or things we did. Because half of the time, it happened so fast, you didn’t really have the time to appreciate it.”

What emotions have the past few days stirred up?

Oh man, a lot! For me, it’s weird because I was really, really insulated there for a while. I came out of that thing where you have tabloid photographers taking your picture just to post on the internet. They don’t care about me, they’re not fans of us. They’re just looking for garbage. So I insulated myself from the idea that anybody loved our band. I just didn’t expect this reaction, honestly. It’s blown my mind. I thought there’d be a little fanfare and then, “whatever, who’s next?” I don’t know if that was naïve of me, but I just really felt like people weren’t gonna care about us being back. It’s maybe when you get caught up in your own head and your own self where it doesn’t seem like that.”

Has it been difficult to step back into the spotlight so suddenly?

It’s been super-emotional? The first show in Chicago was ridiculous. It was a lot of different emotions. I’ve been all over the place. My parents came out to the show and it meant a lot to them. I think I even saw my dad tear up at one point. That’s something that’ll stay with me for life.”

Has it helped you gain some perspective on what you achieved the first time round?

Yeah, I guess. Like, nobody teaches you how to appreciate this kind of ride. The first time, we had no idea. We made a lot of wrong decisions, and I don’t know… I didn’t feel like I was, or any of us were, really equipped to understand what was happening back then. I like to think we are better now, now that we have some perspective, because we’ve done other things, or even just by doing nothing. I definitely have some perspective that, for whatever reason, there’s something more magical when the four of us play songs onstage than when any one of us does it by ourselves.”

Were you nervous about Monday’s announcement?

Yeah man, I was freaking out! We really wanted to do this from the perspective of, ‘Okay, if I was a fan of this band, how would I want this to happen and go down?’ It was my idea to just do it all at once–the video, the tour, album news and then play a show that same day it was all announced. I just kept thinking to myself, ‘If this was a band I loved, what would I do?’ I would get to that show.”

It was starting to become the worst kept secret in rock, with all the rumors and everything…

It was definitely the best worst kept secret! And it’s funny, because I have a few friends who knew a little, I have friends who knew a lot. The one thing was, though, that not everybody had all the little aspects, so everybody had a version of the truth but not the whole story! The craziest past was going to record this [forthcoming] album with Butch Walker in Santa Monica. I could not believe that that didn’t get out. Every day at the studio, I was expecting it to leak but somehow…”

How was it being on stage together for the first time again in years?

Yeah, it was crazy. When we got together to rehearse, even that was nuts. We hadn’t played together in, like, four years. We had to figure out how to play the songs again. The first couple of times we practiced them, we were out of time, out oh shape and we were laughing about it. We were like the worst Fall Out Boy covers band ever! The Chicago show was just the funniest, though. I feel like, until we stepped onstage and played, it still wasn’t real to people. I think there was a moment for everyone where it felt like, ‘This is actually happening’. It was cool, man. It definitely felt like we hadn’t skipped a beat once we were there.”

What is the hope for Fall Out Boy phase two? What kind of ambitions do you dare to dream of?

(Laughs) Well my mind has already been blown by the way the song [My Songs Know What You Did…] has gone. I can’t believe how fast it’s caught on. But, honestly, my biggest hopes are for the band ourselves. I hope that we can keep doing this as adults. I mean, we’re all different versions of ourselves now. Everyone’s an adult, there’s wives, girlfriends, I’ve got a kid, it’s just a different place. So I hope that I can approach the band that way this time. Especially me–I really want to approach this now like we’re grown-ups. We’re not really Fall Out Boy any more, we’re Fall Out Men!”


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