New Patrick Stump Interview (Coup De Main)

2013 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival - Day 9

Patrick Stump talked with New Zealand magazine Coup De Main about the new record-“Save Rock And Roll”-intimate shows, the reunion, and more, including a little True Or False game. Read the interview below (which also features a lyric leak of a new song…)

That was a month ago. Stump was in Los Angeles – “We have a day off before we fly to Houston for some more promo stuff and all that. We pretty much hit the ground running.” – and he was kind enough to fill Coup De Main in on all your need-to-know ‘Save Rock And Roll’ basics, as well as some very interesting specifics…

COUP DE MAIN: As a band you’ve emphasised that the new album isn’t a reunion, because Fall Out Boy never broke up. Why do you feel that’s such an important differentiation for people to understand?
FALL OUT BOY – PATRICK STUMP: First off, the story became more important than the reality, I guess. People started telling the story of… the narrative of ‘the band broke up and you guys don’t like each other anymore’ and all this nonsense. None of that was true. We all have always wanted to be in a band together and enjoyed each other’s company and everything. That was never part of it. Part of it, is just being honest. Honestly, the band never did break up. But secondly, I personally think that saying ‘reunion’ can be… I feel like, it can be such a commodity. It can be such a way to trick people into buying tickets, you know? And that’s not what this is about for us. And that’s the same reason why we didn’t do – our first record came out ten years ago – the same reason why we’re not doing a ten year anniversary tour. There are some bands for whom that works very well and it’s no disrespect to them because I’m sure there’s something honest and natural about it, but for us I feel like it would be dishonest and kinda disrespectful to that artwork to do that. To be like: “Okay, we’re going to go back and only play these songs, even though we have an hour to an hour and a half set and we gotta play more songs, but we’ll skimp you on your extra half hour.” That’s just silly to me, because I feel like all of it – the reunion thing, the ten year anniversary thing – we never broke up so we don’t have to say‘reunion’ and we always intend to play plenty of songs off our first record, so I don’t see the need to do an anniversary tour. So that’s kinda why I make such a point of saying that, because I just want to let people know how much we don’t want to cheat them. <laughs> I don’t want anyone to have to… I always hated as a fan going to shows and when a band breaks up ten times, or something? They would always have their farewell tour and then their reunion tour… oh, give me a break.

CDM: When exactly did the band begin working on the ‘Save Rock And Roll’ album?
PATRICK: Very hard to say, because we’ve kinda been tossing a lot of this stuff around… some of it for years, a couple of these ideas that have made it to the record kinda existed during ‘Folie [à Deux’],but I guess ‘formally’… that’s the thing, it’s hard to say! I guess we had a few songs done before we knew that we were formally going in to work on a record. Well, really truthfully, like if I really want to be honest with myself about when we knew we were working on this album… it was probably the week we went in with Butch Walker. The first week we went in with Butch Walker, which would have been, I dunno, a couple of months ago? <laughs> And we worked on [‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark] Light Em Up’ and a few other songs and we said to ourselves: “Okay, I feel like we’re ready, I feel like this feels good.” But that was always the thing, we wanted to wait until the music felt right. We didn’t want to do it, just to do it. We didn’t want to do it for money, I guess, is the thing that would have just bummed me out so much.

CDM: Was it difficult keeping it a secret for so long?
PATRICK: Yes! Tremendously. But part of the problem was that we had to keep it a secret because we weren’t sure if we were doing it yet. It had to be right, so we didn’t want to be like: “Hey yeah! We got a record coming out… eventually.” So yeah, we just had to give a lot of weird cagey answers to all our family for a while.

CDM: How do you feel about the people and blogs that leaked news of the reunion early?
PATRICK: Part of the thing is, is that they leaked a lot of misinformation, but that’s the nature of rumours I guess. And not to mention, that there’s quite a few of ’em that happened to be coincidentally near right, but weren’t really right. <laughs> Which I think is kinda funny. But, it’s cool. I think that’s the nature of the beast now – when you have a band, or when you have anything, that’s going to be an issue.

CDM: There will be collaborations with other artists on ‘Save Rock And Roll’.
PATRICK: True – but not a lot. There’s not a lot of artists on it.

CDM: Okay, end game! Did the Fall Out Boy songwriting process differ at all when working on the new album?
PATRICK: Yeah, we kinda incorporated everybody more on this record. There definitely used to be the kind of missive where PETE [WENTZ] and I would pretty much write everything – him, lyrically – [but] now, it’s definitely become more… and this is by a long shot… our most collaborative record. There’s more of JOE [TROHMAN] on this record as a writer and a lot more of Andy on this record – obviously they’ve always played everything, but I think writing is a much more personal thing. So I think it’s kinda cooler in that regard, because we all have more invested in this one, you know what I mean?

CDM: Are there any lyrics in particular, that really stand out to you on the new album?
PATRICK: Yes. I don’t know if I can say it. I’ll say it. Screw it, I’ll give you guys a little bit: “If I spilled my guts the world would never look at you the same way.” Pete wrote that and I was reading through his lyrics and I saw that and I was just floored at how real that is. <laughs> I just loved it.

CDM: A friendship-crush is someone that you have no romantic interest in whatsoever, but just really wish that you were best friends with them. Who would be your top five friendship-crushes, living or dead?
PATRICK: I’m just going to be funny, I can’t even think. Tom Hanks seems like he’s probably funny, right? He seems like a nice likeable guy. I would love to hang out with Elvis Costello, to see what he’s up to because he seems so fascinating to me. Can it be fictional? <laughs> Batman’s gotta be crazy, right?! I just want to see what he’s up to. And besides, he’s always looking for a Robin, so Robin always gets killed… but it’s cool. And who else do I want to be friends with? Actually I bumped into Josh Groban the other day and he was like the nicest dude in the universe, I was like ‘okay, awesome, let’s hang out’. And Kevin Smith came to a Fall Out Boy show because his kid’s a fan I think, I’m not going to say he’s a fan because I don’t know, but his kid’s a fan and he sent an e-mail to somebody thanking them for tickets and he kinda made fun of me for having lost weight and he did it so hilariously that I was like ‘I need to hang out with this guy’.

CDM: See! You are a nice person.
PATRICK: Whatever! I felt terrible, I know exactly how that feels, man. <laughs> I’ve totally been there. And holy smokes, having to ask your Mom to come pick you up when you’re already really late? No-one wants the wrath of Mom, so I understand.

CDM: What’s left on your bucket-list that you’d really like to achieve with Fall Out Boy?
PATRICK: Everything I’ve ever wanted to do, we’ve kinda done. Everything beyond this has been just the cherry on top. I’ve been so happy with the band, and we’re so lucky and blessed to be able to do it. My bucket list is pretty much checked off. But oh, we should play in space! Let’s do that. We’ll play in space, up on a satellite somewhere.

CDM: Rad. Thanks for your time today, I can’t wait to hear the new album!
PATRICK: I hope you dig it! I’m so excited, I’m so scared. It’s crazy. It’s been a while since we put something out. But thank you, thanks for having me.


Read the full interview here: Coup De Main Magazine


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