Four Year Strong Not Breaking Up

Four Year Strong @ Download 2012

Even if they are not doing anything together at the moment, the guys of Four Year Strong are NOT breaking up. The band are playing this year’s Slam Dunk (currently trying to get something with the band, as we’re going there). Alan [Day]’s side project The Here And Now is on its way to release material. But the band is not breaking up. You can read an excerpt of an interview between Alan and PropertyOfZack below.


The Here And Now song premiere

This is the first time in five years or more that we’ve taken more than three weeks off on tour. Dan got married last year, or two years ago now. He just bought a house. Joe just bought a house. Everyone’s just taking a second to breathe. I’m sure things are going to pick back up pretty soon. We’re definitely not breaking up. It seems like a lot of people are saying that, but I don’t know why they’re saying that. Just because we haven’t come through your city three times this year doesn’t mean we’re broken up.



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