Free Fall Out Boy Show In Madison, Wisconsin

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Madison, Wisconsin! Get ready because Fall Out Boy are coming next week in your town for a FREE SHOW brought to you by Yahoo! Music. Find more info below, including how to get tickets.


Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy will be performing in Madison, Wisconsin on May 13 as part of the Yahoo! On the Road tour.

Find out how to get tickets

Fall Out Boy won the hearts of thousands of teenage girls in the 2000’s with their catchy, danceable rock music paired with sensitive lyrics.

The band formed in early 2001 with bassist and lead songwriter Pete Wentz, vocalist and guitarist Patrick Stump, guitarist Joe Trohman, and drummer Andy Hurley. Fall Out Boy’s 2003 debut albumTake This to Your Grave achieved double platinum status after selling more than 2.7 million albums in the United States. That album spawned their two hit songs “Sugar, We’re Goin Down” and “Dance Dance.”

Returning from a four-year hiatus with their new album Save Rock And Roll, Fall Out Boy reminds us that the pop-punk music scene is still thriving.

Full schedule of events | Fall Out Boy’s official site


source: Yahoo! Music


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