New Interview: Joe & Patrick With Coup De Main


After talking of the comeback of Fall Out Boy alone, Joe [Trohman] joined Patrick [Stump] to speak with New Zealand webzine Coup De Main. This is more than an interview, it’s a face-off. Joe Vs. Patrick. Read an extract of the interview + a photo gallery below. Read Coup De Main new issue.

CDM: I know that your album title ‘Save Rock And Roll’ is ironic and not meant to be taken literally, but do you sort of see it as a modern day Disco Demolition Night? 
PATRICK: That’s definitely one of the things we called out to, but I was always inspired in terms of punk rock, I was always inspired by the new wave CBGBs era because it was this kind of missile, there was no such thing as ‘new wave’ it was just punk that people were trying to sell under a different name because it didn’t have the same… it didn’t all sound the same. The reality is you had bands like The Ramones and Talking Heads and Blondie and Devo and Television and Richard Hell all playing together and…
JOE: <drawing self-portrait> Sorry, I’m busy drawing a complete hunk…
PATRICK: Yes, I noticed that! <laughs> Very hunky. But, I feel like that’s kind of a… that’s something that we lose really quickly when we talk about rock and roll or punk rock or these genre names, and I feel like that’s the thing – Blondie played a lot of disco and Talking Heads played a lot of disco and whatever. The Disco Demolition thing was a really interesting moment because it was a lot of people who were like, I think, kind of missed the point a little bit and were just like: “Urrrggghhh rock and roll man!” So there’s a lot of reasons why we’re calling on it a little bit. Sorry, I now have to get back to this self-portrait!
JOE: I’m done, so I can continue.

CDM: Is there a proudest moment on the album that you’re really excited for fans to hear?
PATRICK: Elton John. I think, for me, that’s just one of the coolest things to ever get to do and he’s such a rad guy and so supportive and so on point with what we were getting at in the record and everything like that.
JOE: It’s definitely a crazy humbling moment, for sure. I’m very proud of that moment. I’ll speak personally, I mean not to kind of repeat what I just said, but I’m proud of… there’s so many moments I’m proud of in this record. I’m very proud of that moment, I’m [also] very proud of all the other guests that are on there, I think they did an awesome job and brought something super different – Courtney Love, Big Sean, Foxes – they all brought really unique ideas and really, really were far more real collaborations than we’ve ever had because they did their own thing, as opposed to us telling them: “You do this because we only have ten minutes to get this done.” We actually had the time for them to do it. But I think I’m proud of all the moments of true collaboration of this record, which is every moment almost on this record and…
PATRICK: This was the most collaborative record we’ve ever done by a long shot. We all kind of wrote…
JOE: Everyone had strong ideas and wrote strong parts or songs or what have you, and I can be proud of what I did individually, but selfish in that I’m not doing a solo record, you know? I’m just proud of the whole thing.

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Read full interview here.


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