Preview: Fall Out Boy Merch


Fall Out Boy and Go! Merch have posted on their personal Facebooks some previews of the Fall Out Boy merch available on the Save Rock And Roll Arena Tour, starting TONIGHT. Catch the pictures below.

Wanted to do something special and fun with the merch out on this tour. If you’re coming out to any of the shows on the Save Rock and Roll Tour be on the lookout for the limited merch.

Each night we’ll have

– 100 crew necks with the specific city we’re playing at that night listed on it + the print is glow in the dark ink (normally printed with white ink + chicago)
– 6 of the snapbacks will have the fob logo in color. If you get one, you get a free flag.
– 60 screen print posters signed by the artist

We’ll post more photos of everything else we have for sale soon…


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