Fall Out Boy Posts Message About 1st Anniversary Of Comeback

Fall Out Boy have posted on social media a message about the comeback which happened one year ago today. The band thank us, the fans, and some surprises should happen this month, on the FOBruary. Sophomore Slump Or The Comeback Of The Year. Read their statement below

so its been a year and how do we account for it? by counting the places we have been? the time logged in airports waiting for connecting flights? by the records? my songs going platinum 3xs?? or a gold record for the album (unbelievable!!!)? or how do we account for the sweat and tears that have gone into this year, ours and yours? is there a way to account the stage dives or the waiting outside of venues in the hot and the cold? in the decibels of how loud you have sung? probably not. they dont give awards or trophies for those kind of things, though maybe they should. instead we dedicate this month to you. you have made this as much as we have. welcome to fobruary.


Thoughts about it?

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