Ryan Ross Update

Shane has posted via Ryan Ross Facebook page an update about ex-P!ATD member news. Ross will soon record new music, and his new website is going to be launched on Monday, with “surprises”. Read the full update below.

(Message from the Shane, not Ryan, but hey – it’s an update, and I reckon some of y’all wanted to know what he’s up to…)

First of all – thanks so much for 5,000 Facebook likes AND 100,000 Twitter followers. He crossed both milestones this week, and that’s pretty cool. Ryan was pretty blown away at getting 100,000 Twitter followers. (And also, somehow, while not being verified? Hey whatever, but if someone at Twitter is reading this, Ryan is the one operating @thisisryanross. So if someone wants to verify that account, that’d be pretty cool.)

Also, thank you all so much for supporting the demos that on the Soundcloud page. Yeah, they’re rough, not mastered, and the vocals sound a little thin (because it was recorded on a scratch microphone in his home studio) – BUT you all still really appreciated it. So thanks for that.

Depending on a bunch of stuff (“life” stuff, you know, weddings you’re supposed to attend, etc.) Ryan is going to be recording his new songs either at the end of this month or next month, here in Nashville. There isn’t a date set on an album release, but I just want to express, on behalf of Ryan, that he really appreciates all of you, for being fans, and being patient waiting on his next album.

To roughly paraphrase what he said to me this morning, he wants to make the best album he’s capable of making, and he’s not going to set a time limit on himself or his creativity. It’s because of you, his fans, that he has the financial security to take his time, be a perfectionist, and make sure everything is exactly the way he wants it to be.

Oh, and one more thing… as a “thank you” for making Ryan so popular here on Facebook and Twitter, I’m going to launch a new Ryan Ross website on Monday morning. There might even be a few surprises there… I guess you’ll find out on Monday…

Thanks y’all!


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