[Rumours] Fall Out Boy To Release New Material?

According to FuelYourSpeakers, Fall Out Boy are set to release a new song and video this month, from an album that would be out early 2015. The news are not official soon, and Decaydance Fans will keep you in touch with latest news from Fall Out Boy. Read the article below. You can check a screenshot of a casting call below.

Four-piece rock band, Fall Out Boy are set to release a brand new track, “Centuries” which will be the first official single from their forthcoming sixth studio album, currently untitled but due to release either later this year or early 2015 via Island Records.

Fall Out Boy released their last studio album, “Save Rock and Roll” on April 12th, 2013 and released each of the tracks visuals in order to make up the movie “The Young Blood Chronicles” which released in full in 2014.

Centuries” is set to release in September, 2014 and the official music video for the track was filmed this week, a casting call was seen to note that it was looking for people who could portray Romans and were of an age between 25-30.



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