Pete Wentz To Premiere New Song

After some speculations online (read here), it is more likely that Pete Wentz himself will premiere Fall Out Boy brand new track on BBC Radio One (UK). According to DIY Magazine, and an interview with a Canadian website, Zane Lowe will premiere the song on his show. You can read more info below.

Fall Out Boy are set to return with a bang next Monday (8th September), premiering a new track on BBC Radio One.

Bassist Pete Wentz will appear on Zane Lowe’s show, with the song taking the ‘Hottest Record’ slot.

There has been online speculation in recent days of a video for a new track, ‘Centuries’, with casting calls and photos of fans with the band. You can check out the details on Property of Zack here and here.

In a recent interview with, Wentz began to open up about the material that band have been working on recently, claiming that “it sounds different than any of the other stuff” the band have done so far.

“If anything,” he told the publication, “I think that we’re far more open now to doing something that’s like probably outside of what people would consider our genre or who we are. So the music that we’ve written so far, to me it’s sounds different than any of the other stuff we’ve ever worked on.

“Fall Out Boy in 2014 is really about the curation of ideas as much as it is about creating albums… I think that Pharrell curating this art show that goes along with his album is like just a great other stream that you can examine as an artist right now.”



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