Pete Wentz Talks About Immortals

Following the release of Fall Out Boy new song, “Immortals“, bassist Pete Wentz posted a blog update on his website. You can read it below.

Stream ‘Immortals” here.

a note on origin stories- they may be my favorite. we learn where it began often with gamma rays or a strange gift- but to me more importantly- it is always a choice. it is a choice to keep your identity secret or to choose to protect people that you could easily crush- a choice to live out of step with everyone else… i mention this because as a band our origin is important to us- it is something we are very protective of. when we were approached to write music to be included in the film big hero six it was not something we took lightly- we have never done that before… so we went over to disney and met with the directors, disney music and animating department… they explained the story to us. it was insane how much it lined up with the way our band saw the world…i wont include spoilers in here- but suffice it to say that our band is a very particular kind of nerd and the guys behind this story and film shared the same references and ideas- maybe even origins.. so we returned and saw some storyboards and some early animations… we then went and wrote a song to a specific scene but tried to capture the spirit of the film. this is something we have been working on very hard and close with the filmmakers- i cant wait for you to see the movie and how “immortals” fits into it…

no matter how your costume changes never forget your origin story.


Thoughts about it?

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