More Details About Panic! Mobile Game

Panic! At The Disco has revealed more info about their upcoming mobile game, available on the Google Store and the App Store on October 23rd. Check out a statement from the band. Bonus, the game is supporting the Human Rights Campaign.

Around the time we became involved with The Human Rights Campaign, we started building out Panic! In Vegas, our addictive little game that you’ll get to play very soon (keep reading to find out when ;)). As we were working on the game, we thought why not keep helping the HRC in a fun way? It just made sense to us, take something that’s fun and tie it in with a cause that is incredibly important. As you’re making your way through the 100 levels, you’re helping out an amazing organization (not to mention killing time in a semi-productive way). It’s the best of both worlds!

Panic! in Vegas – available on the App Store and Google Play Oct 23, worldwide!


Thoughts about it?

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