Rescheduled: Fall Out Boy To Perform On The Ellen Show

As announced some days ago, Fall Out Boy’s scheduled performance on The Ellen Show has been delayed due to Patrick Stump’s first child birth. Their performance has been rescheduled to next Wednesday (October 29th) with a special guest as long as guests DJs from Pete and Patrick. More info below.

Check your air time and channel here

Plus, FALL OUT BOY takes the stage! Their performance was delayed due to the birth of Patrick Stump’s first child, but they’re here, happier than ever and ready to rock! After dropping hits for over a decade, their latest song, “Centuries,” became their fastest-selling single of all time, and they’ll perform it with guest artist SUZANNE VEGA! As a punk rock band, the group has been rocking, rolling and crashing stages around the world for years with their dynamic music. “America’s Suitehearts” live each day like “Infinity on High,” sharing their deep enthusiasm and good energy with the world. Along with their catchy riffs and drumbeats, the group brings storytelling to a new level through introspective lyrics in songs like “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” and “The Take Over, the Breaks Over.” They will rock out for Ellen, and as an added bonus, Pete Wentz and Patrick will serve as guest DJs for the day!

This Wednesday, Ellen’s hosting some fine young fellas! 



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