Stray Echo Releases Song With Lolo

Who can stop Lolo? Nobody. Lauren teamed up with Stray Echo for the great song “Ground”, released recently. You can stream the song below, and read an article from Mostly Junk Food website.

Straight out of the heart of New York City, Stray Echo arrives today as the collaborative project conceived by songwriter/producer Daniel Balk with his first ever offering arriving today hot off the NYC press. Against a backdrop of bombastic beats, Daniel’s enticing vocals build from the “Ground” up, laying a foundation of bombastic beats before Tennessee-native Lolo rushes in, hammering the sweet sounds down until the whole song is standing up straight like one sky-scraping construct of concrete pop. With crystalline synths reflecting the NYC skyline as far as the eye can see, it’s a swelling anthem in waiting fated to scuff up dancefloors as bars declare it 5’oclock somewhere and Daniel’s heady vocals reverb in your ears before flooding you with warmth.


Thoughts about it?

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