Louis Vecchio Talks 5 Musical Influences

New Politics drummer and only American citizen Louis Vecchio spoke with The Boston Globe about his, and band’s, main music influence, what shaped them. You can read the interview below.

New Politics are currently on tour in the US. All dates can be read here.

The world is full of brand-name musical superstars selling out major venues globally, but it’s good to remember that homegrown, passionate music makers are out there as well. Dance-punk trio New Politics exists with a passion. We asked drummer Louis Vecchio to name five of the band’s main influences. “These are great artists; they shaped the world even if they knew it or not,” he says.

1. Nirvana. “Melodically, there are so many songs to choose from. The grunge sound of “In Bloom” and “Heart Shaped Box,” and nobody can beat Kurt Cobain.”

2. Arctic Monkeys. “Musically we try to stay relevant. [We listen] to alternative charts to know what’s going on to stay part of it. One of our biggest influences, [the Arctic Monkeys] young melodies and vocals are awesome.

3. Led Zeppelin. “Unbelievable grooves. When I’m writing I have the ghost of [John Bonham] in me. What would he be doing?”

4. Pink: “When we were touring with Pink, her discipline is eye-opening. As talented as she is, her show is unbelievable. As far as perfecting your vocals, you also need to put on a show.”

5. 30 Seconds to Mars. “I don’t think it’s a bad thing to take little parts of what we like to create our sound. They’re immaculate. Really puts reality in your face: If they can do it, we can. It’s uplifting, artists of that status still doing it.”




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