Stream “American Beauty/American Psycho”

You can stream below Fall Out Boy new song “American Beauty/American Psycho” from the album of the same title, out next year. You can also read a note from Pete Wentz about the song.

The song will be digitally released on December 8 via DCD2/Island Records.

a note on AB/AP…

i remember hearing this daft punk “human after all” remix and later a rage against the machine one (killing in the name of, you should check this if you can- so good)…. i knew nothing of the creator at the time- sebastiAn- a french dj/producer on ed banger records… his music made me think and feel different like the way punk rock did when i first heard it. we began a correspondence through email…. my friend brian hiatt tweeted “the problem with modern rock is it isnt modern”- something i and we had been feeling in general. rock should not be relegated to a quaint little corner of guitar center for dads to find. in reaching out to sebastiAn we wanted to make something that was a throwback instead futuristic. angry. primal. as the producer i think sebastiAn nailed this in a way we hadnt expected. patrick and i were floored when i heard his idea and the track…. we knew immediately that this would be the title track of the record…. his art moved me too much not to share it with you…

here is one of sebastiAn’s tracks that i really dig called “embody”, check out more if you dig it too….

… i wish i dreamt in the shape of your mouth, but its the thread count i really care about.


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