Fall Out Boy Release “American Beauty/American Psycho” Video

While announced for December 8th, Fall Out Boy released only yesterday (Dec 15th) their band new music video for the song “American Beauty/American Psycho“, taken from the album with the same name, out worldwide on January 20 via DCD2/Island Records. You can watch the video, and read a statement from Pete Wentz below.

When I played my manager a new track we were working on with SebastiAn “American Beauty, American Psycho”, he yelled out “too fast for love!” And whipped out this sweet photo of him in the 80s. He told me this kind of insane story about how if not for Nikki SIXX, we wouldn’t know each other. He claims that he moved to LA to join a punk band and walked into a club called the Starwood, saw Nikki, and it completely changed his life. He saw the very first motley show soon after that and 35 years later saw them last month at madison square garden.

from motley crue i figured it out: putting your heart in it is the most important part, they have always done what is authentic to them.

much of the frenetic energy of ab/ap comes from the motley crue sample-

Too fast for love was motleys tttyg-they made it themselves because no one was interested in signing a punk band wearing too much make up back then. Thirty five years later, they’re still selling out arenas and not playing by anyone’s rules. If there had been the Internet back then, they would’ve broken it.



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