Fall Out Boy x Rad Life

To celebrate the new year, Fall Out Boy are featured in Japan magazine GrindHouse, as they presents a collaboration between Rad Life and Fall Out Boy. You can read the article translated with Google below, or read the original article in Japanese here. Friends in Japan, don’t forget the band is headlining the Punkspring Festival 2015 with Rancid. A special edition of “American Beauty/American Psycho” is also available for Japan.

GrindHouse flyer Vol.2 RIDE LIFE × FALL OUT BOY issue !!

To celebrate the GrindHouse magazine launched 15th Anniversary & Fall Out Boy’s new “American Beauty / American Psycho” was released,
Special campaign start !!

Enjoy with a whopping incorporated to “ride the wave”, “ride a snow”, “ride a skateboard,” “music / ride a rhythm” every … day-to-day “glue”, to lifestyle RIDE LIFE that Murasaki Sports advocated that, Fall Out Boy is Torimochi both the ride !! GrindHouse, will conduct a special planning !!

First the program “RIDE LIFE” which is OA purple sports shop,
Fall Out Boy is from Jack !! January 6, OA their music
is while, Conducted !! featured the music and action sports Disclose the history of cross-over
As shown in the photograph that was pasted above in addition, GrindHouse flyer Vol.2 RIDE
LIFE × FALL OUT BOY issued !! Pete Wentz (vo, b) comments along with, new “American Beauty / American Psycho” addition to close to, cross-cultural music and action sports talks about Pete, etc.,
!! The flyer of information packed was completed this flyer from January 16,
Purple sports only over-the-counter nationwide 120 stores, yet in the distribution !! addition in quantity also limited because absolutely unobtainable, shalt run to purple sport for the first time in the new purchase !!

In addition to the possibility that fly out even from time to time a new project …? Purple sports shop and official site, various SNS, purple TV, Universal
There into the Music Do not look away from Fall Out Boy official site !!


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