DCD2 Signs MAX

Welcome to the DCD2 Records family MAX (@Maxgschneider on Twitter). You can read a statement from DCD2 CEO, Pete Wentz, below, and stream MAX’s new song “puppeteer“. Wentz once appeared in one of MAX covers.


From the very first time I heard MAX I wanted to hear more.  There is so much about MAX that reminds me of the beginning of our (fall out boys) journey- but in an alternate universe. he is an alien- an outsider- who fits everywhere a bit but nowhere completely… these are the artists we have always embraced on DCD2 – the outsiders, we are a gang made up of those who choose not to fit in… i cant wait to help bring MAX’s vision to the world.

New music from MAX coming soon on DCD2.  In the mean time, peep his new video for “Puppeteer” and go show him some love on TwitterFacebookInstagram, & Tumblr


I’ve always been a huge Fall Out Boy fan and really look up to Pete. From the first time I heard “Dance Dance” to the band’s music video for  ”Thnks Fr Th Mmrs” I’ve always been inspired by how fearless they are. They’re never afraid to take risks. That same mentality is true of everyone at DCD2. From Panic! At The Disco, to Travie Mccoy, to New Politics, and all of the other incredible artists and bands, no one stays in the box. There is no box at DCD2, no limitations, nobody trying to be something they’re not, just the creative freedom and a family of musicians sharing music that they believe in. I’m so honored to join the DCD2 family. I’m so excited to release tons of new music and projects this year with DCD2, starting with one of my favorite music videos I’ve ever done for my song Puppeteer.


Thoughts about it?

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